Advance engine technologies:


                                 Now days the demand for natural fuel for a normal engine has been increased in bombastic rate with a low efficiency. Many researches are going on to increase energy efficiency on the long term with piston, hydrogen, fuel cell. Hybrid concepts seemed to be the solution for the piston engine defects, but the measures limit the long term perspective until they could efficiently fuel from the electrical grid. None of these solutions are short term stable and competitive. The Quasiturbine in Beau de Rocha (Otto) cycle is a relatively simple technology which could be widely used within a few years with substantial efficiency benefits over piston engines in many applications. By opposition to dozens of new engine designs, the most important at this time about the Quasiturbine is the fact that it does unknot a new field of development and offers means to achieve what no other engine design has suggested or is able to, and specially for detonation where piston engine has failed for over 40 years. It is hypothesized that this engine can also be used in utilizing Hydrogen instead of water as a fuel. Hydrogen with higher calorific value than petrol will produce 3-5 times power obtained from petrol. The hydrogen, a fuel combustible without oxygen gives off no pollution whatsoever. These findings have significant implication of commercial application of engine. It appears this advancement in engine technology produces a superior product to conventional engines.