Solar-Power Device Would Use Heat to Enhance Efficiency

25/01/2014 16:49
 new approach to harvesting solar energy, developed by MIT researchers, could improve efficiency by using sunlight to heat a high-temperature material whose infrared radiation would then be collected by a conventional photovoltaic cell. This technique could also make it easier to store the...

E-Whiskers: Highly Sensitive Tactile Sensors Developed for Robotics and Other Applications

25/01/2014 16:47
From the world of nanotechnology we've gotten electronic skin, or e-skin, and electronic eye implants or e-eyes. Now we're on the verge of electronic whiskers. Researchers with Berkeley Lab and the University of California (UC) Berkeley have created tactile sensors from composite films of carbon...

Mechanical And Aerospace Engineers Use Satellites To Track Ozone Levels

25/01/2014 16:46
Engineers processed data from NASA's Aura satellite in order to track and predict the movement of airborne pollution. Using satellite data to measure ozone concentrations over time allows scientists and engineers to improve their models. This enables them to better their predictions and issue more...

Material Developed Could Speed Up Underwater Communications by Orders of Magnitude

25/01/2014 16:40
University of California, San Diego electrical engineering professor Zhaowei Liu and colleagues have taken the first steps in a project to develop fast-blinking LED systems for underwater optical communications. Electrical engineers at UC San Diego have demonstrated that artificial materials can...

Manufacturing Glass Could Reduce Nuclear Waste By 90%

25/01/2014 16:23
Nuclear power is generally safer and may produce considerably less waste than forms of energy production from fossil fuels, but the waste it does make is extremely hazardous and needs to be handled very carefully. When not disposed of properly, it can cause a variety of cancers and has negative...

Mesmerizing video shows match burning in super slow motion

25/01/2014 16:21
It takes only an instant for a blow torch to light a match, but that doesn’t leave much time to actually appreciate the chemical reaction.   The slow-motion production company UltraSlo has released a new video showing what happens when you light a match. This time, the reaction is slowed...
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