Nanorobotics in anaesthesiology:


                          Nanotechnology will let us build fleets of computer controlled molecular tools and by using this nano materials are created which these materials have very different properties than materials at nano scale. The nanomaterials have the potential to solve  unique biological challenges not currently possible. Nanotechnology is actually a multitude of rapidly emerging technologies; most promising potential of nanotechnology exists due to the laws of quantum physics. The invention of super small computer bacteria sized with today’s MIPS capacity processing power of billion laptops. In medical it is used to overcome operations and severe risk taking disease. Think of your brain, now performing vastly superior levels. Nano dots will become an as-needed addition to your existing neurons extending your mental capabilities further than imagine . The tablets, injections are used in nano technology for curing disease for living organisms. During this treatment the human can continue his/her regular work as usual. This can be taken as tablet, injection, food, cool drinks, oil applied to hair etc”.This paper deals with the eradication of Anaesthesiology using nano robots.


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