Author     :  Rishikesh

Dept         :  EIE

College     :  JJ College Of Engineering And Technology

File type   :  DOC

Publish     : DEC 2010


This paper presents about the Pelamis Wave Power (PWP) by bringing the pelamis wave energy converter which came in prominence from 2004 onwards when its full-scale prototype became the world's first commercial-scale wave energy converter to generate electricity for a national grid. Launched at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland, the semi-submerged converter has hinged joints that use the motion of the sea to pump high-pressure fluid through hydraulic motors, which drive electrical generators to produce electricity. The power produced from the joints is fed down a single umbilical cable to a junction on the sea bed. If further devices are added, they can be connected together and linked to a shore through a single seabed cable, thus creating a wave farm. With a capacity of 2.25MW, it was estimated the wave farm produced enough electricity to meet the demands of more than 1,500 Portuguese homes. The move could result in Scotland having as much as 10% of Europe's wave power potential.