Design and development of virtual instrumentation:


                       Today’s test environment is more challenging than ever as pressure on increasing quality and meeting time-to-market continue to increase. Because of these recent advances in computer and other technologies, it is becoming evident that a sound foundation in computers and computer networking is critical for success in many kinds of computer-based work. A problem for these students is the solution of problems in textbooks through the use of routine problem solving techniques such as equations and formulae. But the students’ over reliance upon  formulae and routine use of technique in problem solving too often lead to poor performance in real world scenarios. Also, the students’ lack of comprehension of logical and mathematical concepts results in time wastage during laboratory experiments, misinterpretations of lab data and underachievement in standardized science and engineering tests that stress the fundamentals. This problem can be effectively addressed by improving the student’s conceptual understanding and comprehension of the topics through interactive learning and teaching with virtual instruments (VI) software package like LabVIEW. This paper will discuss design and development of interactive instructional modules (VIs) for studying (a) Number Systems, (b) Logic Gates Truth Table and Logic Diagram, and (d) Half Adder and Full Adder.


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