12/03/2012 07:36

TIES - 2012

26/01/2012 16:35
TIES - 2012 TIES is an organized body initiated for the purpose of conducting tournaments for various sports and games to devlop Friendship, Co-operation, Leadership Quality,Sportsmanship,self discipline ,courage, health and Fitness and Over all devlopment of personality among the...

Director’s Message

30/11/2010 12:06
   Time and tide waits for no man. Change, along with time, is a dynamic constant and continuous variable. To sail in the ocean of change, we have to show remarkable change in our learning strategies. Academic knowledge gives degree certificate, but communication skills give life to...

Chairman’s Message

30/11/2010 12:04
                  “Victory belongs to the most persevering” is a truism, corroborated by the experience of many an individual. Our experience tells us that this is equally true of institutions and not individuals alone. We left no stone unturned in...

Principal Message

03/08/2010 12:07
      Growth in technology is happening at hurricane speed, sweeping aside old ideas and conventional beliefs and empowers the young minds to run with the speed of technology. The aim of releasing this e- journal is to inform the readers about the happenings on and off...
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