Biometrics ear and iris:



      Is this the person who he or she claims to be? Nowadays this question arises.

          In different organizations like financial services, e-commerce, telecommunication, government, traffic, health care the security issues are more and more important. It is important to verify that people are allowed to pass some points or use some resources. The security issues are arisen quickly after some crude abuses. For these reason, organizations are interested in taking auto mated identity authentication systems, which will improve customer satisfaction and operating efficiency. The authentication systems will also save costs and be more accurate that a human being.

            Basically there are three different methods for verifying identity: (i) possessions like cards, badges, keys; (ii) knowledge, like userid, password, Personal Identification Number (PIN); (iii) biometrics like fingerprint, face, ear. Biometrics is the science of identifying or verifying the identity of a person based on physiological or behavioral characteristics. Biometrics offer much higher accuracy than the more traditional ones. Possession can be lost, forgot or replicated easily. Knowledge can be forgotten. Both possessions and knowledge can be stolen or shared with other people. In biometrics these drawbacks do exist only in small scale.

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