Applications of ODE:



                   The purpose of this paper is to derive the Exponential growth, Exponential decay, Falling Object, Newton’s law of Cooling and RL Circuit by the use of Ordinary Differential Equations. A particularly interesting matter was to see how ordinary differential equations are applied in Newton’s Law of cooling.  This method also makes it possible to benefit with the help of ordinary differential equation how the temperature vary with the time.  And in the falling of object concept by the use of these differential equations we can able to find the object height, the initial velocity and time taken by the object.  In Exponential growth we can easily find how the population growth varies and this exponential growth varies and this exponential growth is called as the increasing exponential.   In the field of missile's we use Newton’s second law and Euler’s Equation to derive the equations for the missile.  In missile by using ordinary differential equations we can easily find the equations of force and we are using certain assumptions to bring those equations.  Now we can see briefly about the concepts which are explained above.

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