Author     :  Reshikesh

Dept         :  EIE

College     :  JJ College Of Engineering And Technology

File type   :  DOC

Publish     :  JAN 2011

 Abstract :

This paper presents the manipulation of real devices used in an instrumentation and control laboratory on the Internet. Control variables could be temperature, level, flow or pressure. A programmable logic controller (PLC) communicates directly with the sensors to receive signals and to activate the actuators. Communication between the PLC and the computer is assured by LabVIEW, a National Instruments graphical software. As well, the user interface is designed using a LabVIEW environment. A client-server application is set up for accessing through the Internet network in order to control process variables. The server contains the application that communicates with the actual physical system. On the client side, another application communicates with the server via a TCP/IP protocol. In this application, the server IP address must first be specified. Then the client sends control signals to the actuators via the server, which are then broadcast on the Internet using a tool such as Internet Toolkit, a National Instruments software package. Throughout the process, both the user interface and animated objects can be viewed by authorized users on the Web. Access to the laboratory can be done either individually or within a team effort.


This paper will also describe the design process for our control laboratory system, which first controls a physical device (an elevator), then at a more advanced level, an industrial process (a hydraulic bench).



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